The Story of Millie Alpert and Her Two Sons on the Autism Spectrum

What will happen to my children when I can no longer care for them? As a special needs planning attorney, this is one of the most commonly asked questions among parents of children with special needs.

This week on Family Comes First we meet Millie Alpert and her twin adult sons who are on the Autism spectrum. Although she is able to take care of her sons today, she is concerned about what will happen in the future. Parents like Millie are confronted with a shortage of housing crisis for young adults with special needs. She urges parents to be pro-active in taking steps to ensure their child’s well being.

My co-host, Victoria Roberts Drogin and I also received vital information from our experts, Christine Austin, Adult Services Coordinator of the School for Language and Communication Development and Deanna Eble, Esq. a special needs planning attorney at my law firm, Vincent J. Russo & Associates, PC. They each shared their thoughts on what needs to be done today both from a legal and governmental benefits standpoint.

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