Operation Babylift

On this brand new episode of Family Comes First, Operation Babylift, we reacquaint you with Lana Noone. Lana was on our show back in 2009, the second season of Family Comes First. Lana and her late husband, Byron were the pioneers for international adoption on Long Island in the 70’s.

Previously when Lana joined us, she shared with us that since she was unable to have a baby, she and her husband decided to adopt. They ultimately adopted a baby from a foreign country since the wait for an American baby was approximately two years; she couldn’t fathom being childless for any longer.

On this show, she shares with us her mission, to spread the word about Operation Babylift. Operation Babylift involved the evacuation of 10,300 babies and children from Saigon at the end of the Vietnam War. Lana has been involved in many efforts to unite those involved in the Babylift. She has written a book about her family and Operation Babylift, as well as cowrote a play, “Children of the April Rain.”

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