Season 4

The Belmonte Family: When Mom and Dad Need Help

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We met the Belmonte family in 2009 as they were one of our first episodes! This family had to make a tough decision to place their father in a nursing home. Join us now for an update!

The Carpenter Family: But You Don’t Look Sick

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How would you & your family cope with a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis? Gary Carpenter is one remarkable man. Join us and learn for yourself how he would not allow this diagnosis slow him down.

The Blanco Family: It Takes A Village

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Alex and Laura Blanco have three beautiful children. Their oldest, Alejandro, has Autism. More and more families are touched by special needs. Let us introduce you to this family, their story and learn why they soon realized that “it takes a village” to raise a child with special needs.

Sidiki Conde: Artsability

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Have you ever been told that you “can’t” do something for whatever reason? There is a misconception that because a person is disabled, a world of activities are closed to them, especially the performing arts. Join us as we visit with Sidiki Conde who was stricken with an illness that left him paralyzed and yet, he continues to dance.

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