Japanese-American Internment Camps: Fighting for Justice

Japanese-American Internment Camps: Fighting for Justice

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We have all heard the stories of the Nazi internment camps during World War II however, what most of us don’t remember, is that right here in America after Pearl Harbor, the United States Government ordered the internment of over 110,000 people of Japanese heritage. Sixty-two percent of the internees were American citizens.

In this episode, we meet with Mitsue Salador, an internee at the time. She was only a college freshman and because of the executive order, was unable to return home to be with her parents during such a frightening time. Mitsue shares with us that during the relocation, her brother was in the US Army and regardless of their efforts to be “good Americans” as their parents advised, the relocation was inevitable. We also meet with Robert Machida who shares his story of his aunt, Margaret Suda who had been interned.

It is important as Americans to join in listening to their story so we don’t repeat the mistakes of our past.