The Funaro Family: Teaching Kids About Money

The Funaro Family: Teaching Kids About Money

James is 8 years old and wore a tie for over 300 days to raise money for the Make A Wish Foundation. As time passed, he kept increasing his personal goal to raise money for Make a Wish. The foundation arranged for James’s donation to fund the wish of a little boy, who is the same age as James, to take a trip to Hawaii with his family.

James raised over $11,000.00 for “Make a Wish” and still continues to fund-raise for the foundation.

He got the idea from watching his mom giving money to different organizations when she would go shopping.


Walter the Vault is here to teach kids about money.

You will learn that money has value and is a medium of exchange for things you want and need. You will also learn consumer skills and banking skills. Finally, I will teach you how to make responsible and informed decisions about your money.


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