The Godfrey Family: The New Homeless on Long Island

The Godfrey Family: The New Homeless on Long Island

The three boys are self-taught musicians who first performed at a church function. Their performance totally surprised their parents and grandparents who until then, didn’t realize that the boys were so talented. Their specialty is jazz, and they play all of the greats like Brubeck, as well as their own compositions.A few years ago Esther (mom) and her sons Matthew, David & Jordan found themselves homeless due to a series of unfortunate events. While living in a local shelter the family found it difficult to maintain their daily practice schedule.

It was during this time that they won talent night at the Apollo Theatre in NYC.The shelter, which has very strict rules for those who live there, generously gave them one of the common rooms so that they could practice. Esther and her husband worked very hard to find good paying jobs so that they could move out and find a place of their own.

They are a “success story “for the shelter because they only lived there for three months before they were able to get back on their feet and move out.



New Ground is a unique agency committed to educating and empowering families and veterans who are caught in the vicious cycle of homelessness. We recognize that the key to resolving homelessness is not only to help those who are homeless now, but also to prevent it in the future.

Our goal is to assist these families and veterans in breaking the cycle of homelessness, allowing them to function independently, for generations to come.

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