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Every day, our troops put their lives on the line to serve and protect our great country. These men and women fight for our freedom yet ask for nothing in return. There are however, ways that we can show support, love and gratitude to our troops overseas.

During this episode of Family Comes First, we meet with Emily who joins us to share the heartwarming mission of her organization. Emily became actively involved in the military community after her husband was deployed to Afghanistan just 3 months after their wedding in 2012. Her mission is to connect the community to our soldiers and extend the same love & appreciation to not only her husband and his unit, but to as many soldiers as possible for their work, sacrifice and courage.

Heartillery Group collects cards and items for care packages from all over the world to show love and gratitude to soldiers. These cards and care packages help to boost the soldiers’ spirits when they are missing home.

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Heartillery Group is a non-profit organization whose mission is to show support, love and gratitude to our troops overseas in simple ways.

Heartillery Group collects cards from all over the world showing love and gratitude to help boost soldier spirits. They send cards to troops who are stationed throughout the globe.


TAPA believes that every child has strengths that can be used as a springboard to learn new skills which can enhance each child’s personal sense of accomplishment.

At TAPA, the teachers use a wide variety of teaching methods to accommodate all styles of learning.

The primary goal of TAPA’s classes is for the children to experience the joy of dance, drama, art, and music. There are many other benefits to the children who participate including improvement in coordination, overall fitness, focus, listening, balance, self-esteem, self-expression, rhythm, and musicality.

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